Wednesday, October 5, 2011

brass head

If your like me, then you love pieces that are Hollywood Regency and Eclectic. The brass heads are Hollywood, but a new twist can be placed on the look to make for a space that is City Eclectic, or Vintage Modern. So many styles, for just one piece of furniture.
Although I love these, they are totally out of my budget based on what I have seen online. I have not looked for these locally yet, so I am unsure if they are floating around Dallas. But should I spot one, in my trunk it will go.
I found an alternative to this look in the name of a bookend, or whatever you want it to be. If you look on etsy, or at thrift stores you will most definitely find what your looking for at a great price. Most are under $50 including shipping.
Shine them up and pair them with some great books. Or just position them effortlessly for a spot on look. Be sure to search for multiple “heads” to find your favorite.
Pair of Brass Deer Heads
Beautiful Brass Horse Head Bookends
Cool Vintage Brass Bookends
Vintage Brass Elephant Bookends
v i n t a g e brass ram bookend
Vintage Brass Duck Head Bookends
vintage Swan Bookends in Cast Brass
And I found myself a pair on eBay yesterday for $29 which I will use in my “new” office.
My point is…we can all have the high end look. We just have to think outside the box on what we can purchase to obtain a LIKE LOOK.
High Fives & Hugs,
images: etsy, and Google


LocalCeleb said...

Love your idea and love how that table looks, really unique, I'm always thinking outside of the box, great post!

Tiffany said...

That is a really cute table.

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

Doing it My Weigh said...

the table is fab! I am a lover of all things "head"--did that come out right? LOL--anyway, Hollywood style with some glam and a side of eclectic always do it for me!


What a beautiful, unique and fabulous table! I am here in Dallas. If I see anything I will let you know! Kiah

Kwana said...

Great idea. I adore those tables though.

drea said...

you know you could just build small bases/legs for those bookends you found and make a coffee table. just an idea since you love the super lux tables. you could even buy pre fab table legs and cut them to the height you want. the most expensive thing will be buying the glass but i'm sure it would be cheaper solution.