Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rebecca minkoff baby-g

G-Shock watches have made their way into my home via the teen and tween. I was at Nordstrom the other day trying on one as a gift for one of the kids, and thought HMMM………. I like this for me, but it wasn’t my style completely. Well I’ll be hot diggity if I didn’t get a release in my inbox on this watch today, and almost lost oxygen from holding my breath as I read the info. Rebecca Minkoff the handbag, clothing, accessories, and shoe designer has now designed a watch for Casio. A super hot BABY-G with hints of my favorite tone,




Rebecca Minkoff2

Rebecca Minkof5


Rebecca Minkoff4

Rebecca Minkoff6

Rebecca Minkoff3

There is a video that I wanted to share that introduces the watch that is just out of sight. That Rebecca Minkoff and her team really know how to keep up with the times in which we live.

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KiWi said...

That is HOT!!! It's going on my must have list!