Tuesday, January 17, 2012

blocking the sunny

I have posted some of my favorite sunnies a few times on the blog, and well here we go again. I recently took the leap at my first pair of Ray Bans. What took me so long? Hell, who are you asking, but I am so happy with them. I am that customer that comes in every month to try on the same damn shades, only to confuse myself. I originally wanted the BLACK NEW WAYFARER, but I tried on the HONEY NEW WAYFARER and was smitten. The brown in the front looks great with my skin tone, and are a bit different. The BLACK option will always be there right? Right.

And let me disclose this in case anyone is wondering what the scar is on my chin. It happened when I was 2. I feel off my hobby horse, and my chin hit my Grandmothers marble table. They didn’t take me to get stiches, which is why I have the scar.

But I LOVE IT. It adds character to me, and never stopped anything (HIGH FIVE).





Shades: Ray Ban New Wayfarer, Necklace: Belle Noel (purchased from Gilt), Gloss: MAC Fresh Air

High Fives & Hugs,


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fshnonmymind said...

Oh, I am loving these shades!! The color is fab and a little bit different. I was looking at shades last week and came across a pair in a similar shade that definitely peaked my interest.
You are not the only one who took forever to get onboard with the Ray-Bans. I got mine maybe two years ago.