Friday, January 20, 2012

makeup bag musts

I am going to be honest. My makeup bag is not one that is full of products, but only the things I really need and use.  I have a hard time finding lip product that actually keep my lips soft. I have tried almost every product and came up empty until I tried VASELINE LIP THERAPY. They reached out and sent me a sample to try, along with the PRECISION TIP Q-TIPS. I am a Q-TIP user on a daily basis and thought they were great. They have both joined my makeup bag with all my other must haves. My lips have never been softer. The only issue I have is Mr. Styles loves it as well because of its effectiveness in the cold, so we battle over it.

My other favorites:

FRESH SUGAR: Smells WONDERFUL.  I cant seem to describe it. Just try it please.

MAC LIPGLASS: Squirt (LOOKS GREEN but goes on natural) and a natural pink which varies.

HAND SANITIZER: I am a germ nut. Enough said.







What’s in your makeup bag?

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Looms, Lids, and Layers said...

I have my Teddy Eyeliner by MAC, baby lips lip balm, Nars blush in orgasm, Nars casino bronzer, multiple mascaras, Kleenex, and makeup wedges