Monday, February 20, 2012

Refresh Mint

I think I mentioned I may be a bit mint colored obsessed. I walked in Walgreens, and spotted this beautiful minty colored nail polish. What is that I thought? WET –N- WILD? $1.99? I will be honest. I usually by the higher priced polish just because I have gotten better results. But I loved the color and thought, what the hell. But just like Mikey…I liked it. Heck, I think I love it. All it took was two coats, and a top coat which I apply on all polishes, and I was sold.

Of course I felt the need to share my nail polish adventure with photos. I hope the backgrounds show the true color. This color excites me. I think my nails are smiling. CHEESE.




The color is called:

“I NEED A REFRESH-MINT---218A” It appears more “blue” almost in the pics. But it has much more “mint” than pictured.

Do you have this color? Let me know if you get it.

High Fives & Hugs,


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Shanika Pichey said...

We're nail twins. I have a mint color on as well. It's by Finger Paints. Depending on the lighting it's more bluish or minty.