Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Loeffler Randall Zaira

You ever find a shoe that excites you? One that you cant wait to bring home, or to arrive just so you can strut around the house in front of the mirror? Well that’s how I felt about the Zaira heel. I had been looking for a mesh type shoe for some time now, and found just what I wanted in these. The snake skin and mesh just melted my heart. Well…they arrived and I was like a kid on Christmas.  I wear a 7 1/2 and could not get my foot in, let alone zip them up. I don’t think an 8 would even work. I dare not do an 8 1/2, not to mention I bought the last pair they had. Well, off they went. They stayed at my house for 15 minutes, and are on their way back home. But I loved them so much..I decided to dedicate a post to them.








I would have worked the hell out of this shoe.

High Fives & Hugs


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"HauteMocha" said...

They ate gorgeous !! Sorry they didn't work out