Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tornado Weather

A scary day for DFW. My kids called from school, alarms were going off, and thoughts of what’s to come. Never do you imagine that it will happen, but it does. Every year we as a city deal with the fear of tornados around this time. Thank God we (our community) were spared. This tornado was about 5-7 miles away in a sister suburb, and it could have been us.  The damage that has been shown is unimaginable. At this time, the outside is so quiet and still. Almost as if a tornado had never visited the area. But once the sun rises another day, its presence will be seen but more so felt all over again.

We as a family want to THANK EVERYONE that reached out to check on us. I appreciate the love, and thoughts from those in the social media community. We are all living real life everyday behind these computers. But as always…

God is GOOD.

Tornado Path in Lancaster_20120403165017_JPG


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