Sunday, November 9, 2008

I bought my own from Express

Okay so I did it. I bought the lace leggings. I must say they were very popular. I had to stop at 7-11 that morning for gas and a guy drove up and came with a "line"to talk to me. Once I told him I married, off he went. I got stares all over from everyone! I wore them with a black long top with LAMB heels (cant see shoes in pic). I was hot I must admit. I recommend these to many. I had strange women stopping me and asking where I bought them! They are sexy, but not tacky. I bought mine from Express for 49.95! I usually wear a size 6 or an 8 depending on the make. Well I got these in an XS. I dont like gathering behind the knee which is why I got them so small, but they strectch so much only I could tell they were an XS!

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