Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finds and Buys

Off I went to Homegoods. I ran across some good things. The towels are such a pretty color. I bought them only because the color was pretty. I may use them in the second bathroom at a later date. The small vase was (drum rolls ) only $5.99. I bought them both. The book is a sketch book with sketch crayons from Barnes and Nobles. I have decided I will use it as an "idea book" and put my favorite clippings in there or whatever comes to mind. The HUGE glass container with cork was hidden for $12.99. I have no idea where it will go. I might let my honey have it for his office. Last but not least the photo boxes and albums both were a total of $12.99 at an art store. The material is so lovely and they look like gifts right? OH AND I BOUGHT ANOTHER PAINT "SAMPLE"....(DUUU DUUU DUUUNNNNN)

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