Saturday, January 10, 2009

RHOA star Nene rumored to be leaving- TEAM NENE

Say it aint so. It was all over the airwaves Friday morning that Nene has had enough and will be leaving the show. But.....for her own show! Although I would watch "The Nene Show", I loved watching RHOA and it would not be the same without Nene. Regardless of what is reported about her I love me some Nene. I love a person that can keep it real, and thats why she has become so popular. Dr. Jay's wife is rumored to be joining the cast as well. I guess they need real women with "real money", and ummm I think we can count on her having money in the bank right? RIGHT. No eviction there.

Oh.....but Dwight, Mr. How Dreadful is suppose to have his own show coming out as well. All these rumors is too much for me. Show me the show! An ad, a website mention, something. HOW DREADFUL!


DecorPad said...

I LOVE NENE!!!!!!! The show will not be the same without her!

Sweet Nothings said...

I will not watch without NENE!