Friday, January 30, 2009

Get It Girl Style Spotlight: sfgirlbybay

It has been a while, and here is a new one. A special one! The top blogger, Victoria of sfgirlbybay. What can I say. There is no other like her. When reading her blog, its like actually reading a magazine only online. I have found many great finds from her interviews, and ad links that I would have never ran across. And when you see those famous KEEP CALM and CARRY ON prints, they are her creations. SURPRISED? NOT! She was gracious enough to take time out of her busy life to answer a few GET IT GIRL STYLE questions. I hope you enjoy the interview.

1.) What are blog turnoffs for you? My biggest turnoff on a blog, is the blog per se, but a lot of negative, snarky commenting. I find it unproductive and petty.

2.) What made you start blogging, and what keeps you here? I started the blog on more or less a whim, and just a place to post photos of my constantly changing interiors. It was really just as just a hobby for me and I did it at night after work. But I got into it right away and would want to post every day. Doing the blog I found encompasses my three big loves: photography, writing & design. I had my apartment featured on one of Apartment Therapy's House Tours, so that drove a lot of traffic to the site, and that's kind of how it all started to become a real, daily blog with readers.

3.) Is there anything that you would change about your blog or hope to add? I am actually in the process of a site redesign which should launch in Feb. It will be much more organized, and easily searchable by categories, like Vintage, Accessories, Home Furnishings etc. and will have a new look and feel. I've been wanting to do this for a long while now.

4.) Out of all of your posts, which post is your favorite and why? I love doing the Unexpected Guests House Tours. It's fun to get the Q&A back and discover new things about the home owner, and to discover new artists, blogs, and shops that are their favorites.

5.) Who is your favorite tv home design personality and why? I don't own a TV, so I'm not very current on home show personalities, but my very favorite is Todd Oldham. I met him at a book signing, and he couldn't have more generous with his time, allowing lots of questions from the group, and he seemed very genuine and interested in promoting craftiness, and DIY.

6.) If you could design and sell something what would it be, and where would you want it sold? Well I print my version of the Keep Calm & Carry On poster in my etsy shop and I quite enjoy doing that. I always wanted to design textiles and sell fabrics, but not sure I'll have time to get to that! I'd love to sell them at Purl Soho - they carry beautiful fabrics.

7.) Favorites: color, personal item, household item, retail store, household store, blog, website? My favorite color is probably white. No kidding. I like white's Scandinavian feel and it's a great base for adding color.
Favorite household item is probably by Eames Rocker. Favorite retail store would be Anthropologie - for clothes and home design items. Favorite household store - Nest on Fillmore Street in SF. Blog - I love Poppytalk - Jan does a great job of curating etsy finds. Favorite website is probably flickr.

8.) Where do you do most of your blogging? (room, work) At home...all day and into the night.

9.) Favorite magazine, design book? Well, I loved Domino, but it's going. So I'd say Living Etc. from the UK, and I like Real Living from Australia. I love Amy Butler's Midwest Modern book - it's a great eclectic guide to design.

10.) Least favorite home decor style?'s very aged looking to me.

11.) Is there a question, email, or comment from bloggers sent to you that made you say HUH? Well, I've been asked about wedding planning, and I'm single, so those are challenging questions. Or I've been asked how someone should decorate their home without seeing photos or existing furnishings. That's always s bit tough to answer.

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great interview!

i love victoria's blog - it was nice to read her answers.