Monday, February 16, 2009


I was recognized by Product Junkie Diva with the "Your Blog Is Fabulous" award. It's my very first, and I am so thankful and happy. Sometimes you never know who is reading, or even if its being read...But I keep doing it because I feel passionate about whatever I post about. Again, thank you Diva for the award. YAY, I am sooo happy!

**My 5 blogs list**

Mitzi Moments: Mitzi has been one of my favorite writers for years. I found her blog and I am so happy I did. She gives it to you raw and organic which I like.

Bandelle: What can I say. I have followed her since Hank was a pup! Her style posts always give me great inspiration, not to mention she is sweet as pie!

Life in the fun lane: Holly just welcomed her first baby,Wren. She posted super cute pictures of the baby, and great home decore ideas.

Apartment #412, etc: Now she has a billion other awards so why not add another. I cant help it. I love her blog, and the info she posts. Not to mention she is super nice.


DecorPad said...

Awww, congrats!

Chic Chocolate said...

Congrats and thanks for nominating me! Hope you get your gift card soon! Let me know what goodies you get. Enjoy!!

PBW said...

Congrats on your award!

I can hardly wait to check out your recipients blogs!

Holly and Sean said...

Congratulations Missy! You definitely are passionate, and it shows in your blog. It is such a fun read everyday for me.

And thanks so much for the award! I am completely flattered!!! Too bad you already won, because you would definitely be on my list.

kay* said...

aww. thank you so much for the award and congrats to you! it's always nice to be acknowledged for doing something you genuinely enjoy doing :)

bandelle said...

Wow, you are just so sweet. Thank you so much! What an honor to receive an award from YOU.