Saturday, February 14, 2009

Half Price Books Trip

My Honey and I took a 10pm trip Half Price Books Friday night after he and my daughter gave me the ultimate Mom, Wifey surprise (we dont really do v-day). I walked away with some good stuff. It was our first trip to the store we went to as it was about 20 miles from us. Lets just say it was HUGE. It was huge I could not cover the store, and left feeling sickly almost..But loved it.

My Honey found this! Back then it went for 20cent. Dorothy was beautiful.

Ok, I am trying to make up for lost times. They were $1.00...I only need the one in the middle.

O at Home I had to get since its gone as well.

Who would pass up a Chanel Book?

And there a great color pictures as well.


kay* said...

LOVE the dorothy dandridge mag - that is one i would have scooped up as well!

Adrianna said...

I would give an arm for the Dorothy Dandridge magazine, and the Chanel book is so posh.