Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Flashback

I woke up today to a show my Honey recorded called Soul Deep-From Ghetto to Fabulous on VH1 soul. The show had me in tears. Not because of the story which I was familiar with. But because of the music they featured. It took me back to the days in life when things were oh so different then they are today. When I could ride my bike without worry of being snatched up. Or when my Uncle and I would make Cinnamon toast on Wednesdays and watch Dynasty on the floor. How about when my beloved Granny would take me to the mall and buy the mall out. She was so cool, she would make sure I had the latest of it all. Cross Colors, and a Dooney bag! So many of the people I loved at that time are no longer in my life, either from death or for other reasons, and it saddens me because I think back to those days ehen life was oh so different then what it is today..and MUSIC FOR ME IS A SOUL REACHER.

It featured Mary J. Blige. I am a huge fan. The video I am featuring takes me back to when I was in Middle School. All the kids thought this song was the ish. She has overcome abuse and drugs to now be happilly married and loving herself. Way to go Mary, Queen of Hip Hop Soul. She is a true rock star for being able to fight her way through her troubles, and raising above it all.

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DecorPad said...

I love me some Mary!