Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sofa/Chair Options

I have an appointment on 2/14 to start picking out fabric. The little time that I did have there, I was drawn to the browns as my main color. The options above are a start to what hopefully is a final decision. What do you think?


Chic Chocolate said...

Hola Chica!
You won the contest on my blog. Please send me your information. See your email.

Chic Chocolate said...

Love the 3rd pic! Is that Horchow?

Mrs. Limestone said...

Love, love, love that third option. My grandmother had a couch like that years sure it was thrown in the trash as not being stylish but I wish someone kept it for me :)

kay* said...

LOVE #2 & #3

CHIC Sensibility... said...

Wow these chairs are great. I love it.
Stay chic!