Monday, February 9, 2009

What do you see?

NOTHING! There is not one real home decor magazine with some real meat and potatoes. There is always a rack full of Home decor magazines, and I am thinking..WHAT tha..I just dont get it..There had to be something else behind Domino leaving us besides the economy. The cries of loyal readers has never been this great for a magazine hitting the road. What do you think, or am I just trippin in my own head?

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kay* said...

yeah i totally agree.

a great magazine that MAY be able to act as a substitute (though nothing can really replace domino) is Style at Home. It's a Canadian mag but i think you may be able to find it on shelves at big retailers (book store). they also have a website ( though not as great domino's.

canadian house & home is another good one. it used to skew a tad older but they have a new editor now who has a young, fresh, style and i imagine that will reflect in the mag (it's already started to).

i wish i could send you a copy of both to check out....