Tuesday, March 3, 2009



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(made by girl)
I am really thinking of getting these.
I just love the look in sets. And the pink..To cute Jen!

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Dont you love the look of Chandeliers? I do. They are nothing but glam and more glam to me. Finding these items with the design put a sparkle in my smile. Hope you like them.


Kwana said...

These are so chic.

Mrs.D said...

Love the urban Outfitters one! I ordered one from there (not the decal) and it came damaged, I was so sad I had to give it up =(

ps-That would look great in your office.

Emily said...

Great post, I'm completely in love with chandeliers right now! I'm desperately trying to convince my husband to let me hang a vintage one that I've spray painted black in our house- he's shot me down twice now.... -e

Mrs. Limestone said...

You already know I love chandeliers. Love that shower curtain - so clever!

DecorPad said...

Love the target pillow!

pve design said...

You flipped my switch! Love how you have lit the way with these fantastic chandeliers.

Alkemie said...

What a COOL Spread! I love chandelier silhouettes.

Karen O :)