Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm Feelin'.....


Dont these shorts rock? Look at the back.

This dress is the "Jackie O" dress. I see why. Very classic.

I just thought this was fun, colorful, and girly.

The gray is perfect. This is a mulit-dress for me.

Dresses found at and



Oh, so nice to meet you...I see we have similar taste...those shorts are perfect...I'm adding you to my blog roll...see ya later.

Kwana said...

So cute!

kay* said...

it would take a very specific body type to rock those shorts -but they could definitely be rocked out. so fly!

Charms said...

I amend to that, Black halo would be suited for someone who got a nice and long legs. But love the gray dress, simple yet classy, the type and color I always want wearing on. - couture perfume