Monday, March 9, 2009

Daughters Room Redo (2)

Recall I am redecorating my daughters room.
She gave me some pointers, at my
request. I wanted to make sure
the room was her and not just my vision.
We are going to put a giant cork
board in front of the desk. I want her
to know what inspiration is, and how
to use it.
1.) Funky
2.) Fresh
3.) Old School
4.) Self Portrait (BIG ONE)
5.) Funky shoes

I bought this from Nadeau
It will be painted

I think this will be the "inspiration piece"

Every girl needs this to remember...

I don't know about this..But thought
it was different, its a decal


pve design said...

What about a giant ribbon board, from mrr design with a girlie pink, mod fab...above that desk...
love it!

Sweet Nothings said...

I LOVE the chandelier!

and the CUTE keep calm necklace!!

Redesign Diva said...

What a good mam you are! I love the inspiration and thought you are putting into your girls room...even if this post is a year old...Kudos!

Brooke said...

Chandelier is so CUYUTE!!!!

You are good the the kids!

Please come to the ATL! HELP ME!!!