Monday, March 9, 2009

Nadeau, my trip

Everyone loves pictures on blogs right? Well I have

ALOT from my trip to Nadeau which was

featured on Top Designs final episode.

The trip started with a cheerful employee that

told me to grab some stickers and a pen, find

what I love, and place a sticker on it with

my info...

Off We GO....

This chair is coming home, only $161

I love this shelf.

As you can see the things are very vintage looking, and

retro. All new, but imported in. The prices are

so good that I don't mind buying some paint, stain, or

lacquer to oommff it up

This is a must have

That was only a few pictures..The warehouse was HUGE! I was in aww

of what they had, and the prices. I was advised

that there are locations all across the US. Have you been to Nadeau?

I did make one purchase small enough to fit in my

car. The place is usually not open on Saturdays, but

for the month of March they are. Spring Break is next week

and I will be dragging my husband in. He loved everything

they had based on my pictures.

Also they have two websites so click here and here.




Laquita said...

Wow - very nice :o)

I was reading the re-launched upgraded site of Cluth Magazine this morning and their new blog Pad - and thought of your site. They are also looking for submissions. Check it out

pve design said...

worth the trip, indeed.
gorgeous finds.

Sweet Nothings said...

ugh such GREAT finds

avant garde said...

too funny! my chocolate shop is almost entirely furnished with nadeau stuff! we flew into new jersey then had a uhaul ready to bring back our goodies. is that the one you went to? sometime i'll have to show you pics of the interior of my shop. i adore nadeau and it's sort of a well kept secret...happy monday! :)

kay* said...

i love that shelf too! what a great store...sadly it's not in canada :(

lucky you - a partner who likes to go shopping for the home!

Holly and Sean said...

Great finds Tam!!! I am loving that blueish green dresser. I can't wait to see where you put that chair.

Tamstyles said...

Glad yall like the stuff! Thanks for the feedback and comments as always!