Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spotlight: Kay* of Apartment #412, etc.

Happy Friday! Today I have a great "Spotlight". This lady has to be one of my favorite bloggers. From the beginning, Kay* of Apartment #412, etc responded to my emails when I had questions about how to do things on Blogger without a sign of me getting on her nerves. Truly when I read her blog, its like reading something from a friend that I have known for years. She is truly organic, and that I like. Her blog is mainly about decor and design, but there are always random through inns that just get me commenting away. If Kay* is not apart of your blog list, or you are not following are missing out. She just moved into her new digs (which she loves) so now is the perfect time to follow her journey of decorating it. There is also Howard, her cute and adorable dog. Hope you enjoy the interview.

1.) What are blog turnoffs for you? example, not enough pics, or to much useless copy/paste from other sites?

I hate when I find a blog that I really enjoy and then there aren't any updates for a long a few weeks to a month! I know most bloggers blog as a hobby and don't get any profit from it, and I understand that sometimes things get busy - but come on! Think of your readers and post something! I'll usually give the benefit of the doubt and still tune in but once it hits 3 weeks with no update the blog pretty much falls of my radar.

2.) What made you start blogging, and what keeps you here?

I actually got my first blog about 5 years ago but practically never updated it (I know i just complained about that!) and kept changing the focus - it was really just for me. What really made me start blogging consistently this time around was that I really just wanted a place to be able to document/share things that I enjoy and to document the decorating of my apartment. The awesome blog community, my readers (I still can't believe I have any) and their comments and input keep me blogging. Knowing that there's a couple of people out there who enjoy my blog and check in daily really motivates me to update regularly and try to keep it semi-interesting but still 100% true to me.

3.) Is there anything that you would change about your blog or hope to add?

There's nothing I'd really change. I hope to add a semi-regular post feature (that I've been thinking about a lot) in the near future and to get a custom banner made.

4.) Out of all of your posts, which post is your favorite and why?

Oh this is tough! I don't think I have a favourite. True - most of the time I blog decor and design and I love those posts, but I also love the posts I do on weddings, my random thoughts, travel, my dog...
5.) Who is your favorite tv home design personality and why?

Ack! I love Thom Filicia (Dress my nest) and Samantha Pynn (Pure style on hgtv Canada). Thom's interiors are always a bit traditional but a bit eclectic and a bit modern - he has a great eye for mixing styles and making it look 'right.' Samantha's interiors always have eco-friendly elements and she takes great measures in repurposing, reusing, and updating some of the clients pieces. Both designers seem to have a great personality, and aren't afraid to use colour! Their end results always looks liveable and reflects the homeowner. Plus, in just 30 minutes their rooms never look 'incomplete' or like 'Trading Spaces Houses' (shudder).

6.) If you could design and sell something what would it be, and where would you want it sold?
This is such a touch question. I think it would be fabric & (here's the key) it would be AFFORDABLE. there are so many great prints out there that cost hundreds of dollars per yard...even the "affordable" ones cost like...$99/yard - which to me is not so affordable lol. Fabric can help to totally transform the look of a space - whether you make cushions, curtains, duvets...even stretch it over a piece of canvas for art! so, yup, fabric it would be.

7.) Favorites: color, personal item, household item, retail store, household store, blog, website.
colours = black, gray, gold, shades of pink. actually, most saturated colours too.
personal item = laptop, iPhone
household item = television?
retail store = I haven't gone shopping for clothes in sooooooo's been all about buying stuff for my new apartment...
household store = I don't have one in specific. I like to shop at a variety of stores...from Walmart & Target to vintage shops to higher end stores and random small boutiques.
blogs = too many to list...
website = yikes, too many to list...

8.) Where do you do most of your blogging? (room, work)
I blog from my laptop so I'm usually at the dining table or in front of the television....sometimes in bed.

9.) Favorite magazine, design book?

I've been reading InStyle, Essence & Marie Claire for ever. Those are my definite faves. Decor-wise it's Canadian House & Home, Style at home, and (the now defunct) domino. I don't have a FAVOURITE design book though I do find myself turning to domino: the book of decorating, Thom Filicia style & Colin Cowie chic quite a bit.

10.) Least favorite home decor style?

Minimalist, country, and anything that screams 'theme.'

11.) Is there a question, email, or comment from bloggers sent to you that made you say HUH?

Nope - everythings been pretty straight forward so far :) also, I don't moderate comments on my blog and have been really fortunate so far to have not gotten anything rude or to have arguments break out or anything like that.

12.) What is the one item in your home that you would never get rid of, and why?

Can I say my dog? Though technically his primary residence is now my mom's house. If my dog isn't an acceptable answer I'll say my mid-century teak desk. It was the first 'real' piece of furniture (not from ikea) that I bought and I just love it. The lines are so beautiful...

13.) If you could start all over with a new blog, what would your main topic be?
It'd be just as it is now. Even though I do focus on decor and decorating I still talk about anything else that I want to.
(note: I've recently started a travel blog because travel is a huge passion of mine).

14.) What blog/blogs is(are) your first stop daily?
Well, I have a bunch that I follow so when I log into blogger I check out the blogs that have updated. Some of these are: door sixteen, adventures in renovating a brooklyn limestone, i am styleish...does apartment therapy count?

15.) We see where you are now. What do you think you will be blogging about in 3 years?

Hopefully I'll be blogging about decorating and renovating my first (purchased) home. Mixed in with a bit of relationship/love posts ;)


pve design said...

Oh this makes me want to do an interview with you!

kay* said...

awwww. so exciting to see this up! thank you for selecting me as a blogger to spotlight and for such kind words :) i am so very flattered.


vintagelaundress said...

What a great feature! Well done Tamara!

The Pampered World said...

I love Kay's blog. I'm a fan and I look forward to her new posts. I'm also looking forward to seeing her new place all dolled up.

Sweet Nothings said...

I CANNOT WAIT until her wall is done!

Tamstyles said...

I cant wait until her place is complete as well. She is already doing great with that wall.