Friday, May 29, 2009


Seriously, I cant wait until my Stylist is back. I found this hair cut and LOVE IT! Its a bit funky funky, but I am sure we can tweak it down a few..just a few...Its similar to the other style I posted in terms of the fullness at the top and front and short sides...I have a duck tail that's growing, so I will leave it, but I like the straight line at the back..And hubby can keep that up for me when I need to hit the clippers to it!

I dress up everyday for work, and I need some type of outlet, and it will just have to be my hair! I feel bored..I am thirsty for some fashion, hair and funk! The good thing is the straight will look great at work and the curly can be my play time..Now I feel lucky to be able to do both..Thanks Mama and Granny for the "roots"!
*photos from KESH and Karlas Clostet


kay* said...

ummmmmmmmmmm that hair cut is fierce. i just love it. and LOVE the way it looks straight on from the back.

freakin' sweet

Anonymous said...

gorgeous hair! definite get it girl style ;)

Andrea said...

The taper in the back is killin' em!! But too much puff & fluff on top.
I love the look(picture #8)from your 5/11 post 'Hair Is A Change'.
The only change would be to add the 'Funky Funky Hair Hair' taper in the back & some killer highlights in the front to add more FUNK.
Then you could wear it sleek,wavy, or add curls to change it up.
--Just a thought.... :)

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

This is a waaaaaayy better version of the "Rihanna cut"!!! Go for it! *sigh* wish I wasnt so bland with my hair. Bangs for me was like going blonde! lololol!

-Kelly of *AF*

Frau said...

I think you seem to have the personality to pull it off.You have great style so I say go for it. Hair grows if you hate it.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! The hair is fresh :)

gigiofca said...

You will look sooooo good w/this 'do!

My @ tha Hotness said...

I like it...

londynkouture said...

I love kesh! and Klara's style is amazing, I didn't even know kesh had a blog only myspace. thanks for posting that! You should so try the hair, I would but I work in a office that wouldn't be a good look lol


Mrs. M. said...

I love the style! It is really edgy yet very feminine.

Charlie Rain said...

Oww, I really like this hair style

Anonymous said...

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