Saturday, May 30, 2009

NY Obsessed? (Target art)

Maybe in a past life I lived somewhere in NY..Who knows, but I just love it. I wanted this subway photo during our trip to Target but..."HE" didn't like it to much so I moved on....

I looooooove this one and the one following. $99 isn't to bad huh, and they have such a great shine and are LONG! I have talllll walls so I am loving them.

OK...If anyone seems these somewhere, anywhere in a bigger size..HOLLA at me. Originally these are what I wanted. They had them at Homegoods only bigger and I passed them up..And of course they are now gone. Targets is just to small.

ME LOVE THIS! I was thinking...I want to funk up the room...I want it to still be us, and not to to vintage...I have watched it for a never goes on I bought it. I love it...And the artist is from NY. His name is David Garibaldi.

I think I will call her MS THANG..


Necole said...

I absolutely love the "Subway" art!!!

The Townhouselady said...

The painting is AWESOME! I love Love LOVE artwork and particularly illustrations. So this is right up my ally.

I could send you a NYC subway map (or a few) if you want. Maybe you can do something artsy with them.

I'm serious, it'd be no big deal at all. Let me know.


Frau said...

I love them all! I have bben looking for pictures also, I miss Target and Homegoods they really carry a great selection.

KJZW said...

I love the one you got, and I love that you name things in your house. It makes them all so much more interesting.

Anonymous said...

I have the female DJ one rom Target. Love it but it's been sitting on the loor against the wall as I can't decide where exactly to hang it. Ideas?