Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Housewives of Jersey

Ok....if I were one of the housewives from Jersey I would be some of Dina for sure..She seems hard to figure out. Kind of like a fragile rock, but only she knows the rock is fragile..That's kinda how I see me at times...HARD, but oh so soft...but I don't want people to know.

I dig this chick...Teresa flipped a table over on one of the other women...enough said...Yea she is that hard side that I was talking about...and she thinks her husband is hot, and calls him juicy..that's hot!

Now so far.. Caroline rocks! I loooove her family mentality. Her family is first..everything else falls in line after that she said..I am with that girl! She seems to be the rock, the go to person, the one that gets things done. Hard job sometimes, I know...My favorite line from her is "Let me tell you something about my family, we are as thick as thieves"...Yeah she is old school, I like that.

And speaking of wives...I know the NY girls are headed out the door for a while, but I shall miss yall. Kelly got a bad rap in my opinion..I thought she rocked. You have a fan in me chick, you are a GET IT GIRL!


Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the New Jersey housewives yet, but I love the New York ones. Bethenny, love ya girl!

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Kelly gets on my last nerve - but she is totally rocking that dress!

Diva Style said...

I def see a little of myself in Dina and Teresa, but that one 46 year old "housewife" is so thirsty, the one who was having phone sex with a man she didn't even know...(I mean really? Can't you just smell the desperation!)--it's not even funny! LOL. Kelly got on my last nerve, too--she was just too much...she needed to go sit her a$$ down somewhere, LOL. Anyway, the trashy brouhaha of the NJ HW is a guilty pleasure, so I will definitely stay tuned, :-)

Kwana said...

I was fine until you got to Kelly. Oh no. I can't deal with her or her planet. I loved it when the countess jumped all over her during the reunion. "Stoooop- Stoooop"

Kwana said...

Ha! Loves ya. Kwana here, I'm back to comment on your comment. I thought Kelly jogging in the middle of the street was totally staged. But I will admit she made for great TV. She'll be the one to get her own show. My DH loved her!

leticia-galsintheknow.com said...

I think Kelly is pretty hot, but I just watched the behind the scenes reunion bit, she ain't right!!
hot, but not right!!
btw, when I lived in nyc ,my ex roommate used to date mario, my room was on the other side of the apartment, and let me tell you!!! I knew the exact moment when Mr Mario "got happy" if you know what i mean!! Screamer!!