Thursday, August 20, 2009

Super Soaker Sofa

While Mr. Styles and I were at Z Gallerie this weekend, we tried out the Mammouth sofa which we loved. We are known for having a sofa in the den that soaks you in, and makes you just comfy and at home. I want to keep that same feeling going, but its time for a change. We purchased the sofa that we currently have now back when we got the house built, and that's been about 7 years now I think. Our kids were 2 and 5 so they ruffed it UP! The Mammouth is so sofa, its sad. And the good thing is you can choose the fabric you want, and wait 10 weeks for it to be custom made just for you. That's the part I like. The only issue for me is color. We plan on redoing the wood floors, painting the entire house, and getting a new table for the breakfast nook which is behind the den. In other words it all has to flow, and flow right.

This sofa comes in 2nd place on my list. The base is different, and I can see a retreat look blooming with just that sofa, and the banana tree that I have in the den...YUMMY. This sofa can be found at Freeds Furniture here in Dallas.


Deanna Jackson said...

Hi Tam,
I was wondering where you purchased your mannequin model ( I think that's what it's called) that's in your "Green Room!" It's fabulous and I want it!!

Thank you!

Daba said...

A comfy couch is essential to the family room. I love the style of the gray couch! Add a chair & ottoman & you will be ready!

My @ tha Hotness said...

I love the Mammoth sofa. We almost bought it but ended up getting another one that was similar with the same comfy fabric. The one that we got was a sectional. And I wont even tell you that you can get the Mammoth at the Z Outlet for around $300 that might only have a scratch on the foot but still brand new.