Wednesday, January 27, 2010

West Elm Sale

I spotted these Dove Gray parsons tables at West Elm for $39 each. I have professed my love for gray and had to have them. I am not sure where or what I will do with them just yet, but trust me..They will work someone in this house in a fab way. The sale was really sick. All the items in the “sample” area was marked 50% off, plus take an additional 50% off.




*These are just staged, nothing special. Just wanted to make sure I shared them with others that would think as highly of them as I do. (LOL)




other-option said...

They're great- and that pillow is hot!
- Danielle

LindsB said...

What a great find! I love it when I get good deals like that- I actually just posted about that today, too funny :)

Adrianna said...

WOW!! Those are nice!!

One Love said...

I love those tables! I'm sure you'll find a great place for them!

Black Orchid said...

I love West Elm, especially when they have sales.......cute pieces

micah @ the yellow front door said...

Yes, you will find a place for them. What a great deal!

My local West Elm store just went out of business... boo.

T-Charry said...

i LOVE that gray shine girl, PRETTY!

Ellen said...

Oh I love things that are stylish AND functional—the space under those tables are perfect for storing magazines! Er, or pillows!

Diva Style said...

Girl, you know I went looking for these tables...trying to work them into a current client's decor, lol. You are the best bad influence EVERRRR. You had me up in Target today buying new kitchen accessories. If I get around to the painting of the tray ceiling in there this weekend, I'm blaming you! :-)

Typhanie said...

Hey Tam,

I passed The Sunshine Award on to you...Happy Blogging!


Jonesy said...

Really nice!!