Thursday, April 8, 2010

Floor Help


This is BAMBOO. Does anyone have bamboo? I am almost moving in this direction just because of the color. I want dark wood. Not mahogany dark though. No reds.


 flo2   The hand scraped is not my thing. I don't know. I am not folding on this one.


I don't like these color variations.


I found these at Lumber Liquidators today. Can anyone suggest a chain store that has great wood at great prices. Our bed will be here next week, and I wanted to have our floor done before the bed got here because I didn’t want to take it down after it was just put up. I am just having a hard time finding wood I like, that is in stock. I am this close to putting some damn carpet down, and calling it a day….NOT!





G-Free Me said..., I found them to be cheaper than lumber liquidators...we have one local in Charlotte. Love, love, love the dark wood!!!

Unknown Mami said...

Don't give up. I hope you can find some bamboo at a great price.

Moosette said...

We had bamboo installed a couple years ago and LOVE it! The only downfall is that it seems to be more fragile than other wood floors - my stilletos make little dents sometimes... but only I can notice - yes I am crazy!

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

i have bamboo and get so many compliments! my only wish is that i would've gone darker.

i would suggest buying it from a local liquidator-type place and then finding someone to install it. they generally have the best price/sq. ft.

my only downside is that it bruises easily, but i kind of think it gives a bit of character. i like it because it's actually a grass (not a wood) so it's safer around water and it's a sustainable resource.

samia said...

Great timings.. there has been this questoin on my head since ever.. which room is best for wooden floors and what about bedrooms is it wise to have a wooden floor bedroom.. i might sound like a dunce but i need to hear yes.. :)

1x1000 said...

I personally LIKE carpet! Especially in a bedroom. I'm ol' skool though! LOL!

Tamstyles said...

I like carpet as well, but hate when it gets worn. I would do wood throughout my house, except for bathrooms, and entry. But thats because of my layout.

Redbonegirl97 said...

My sister has bamboo in a very dark color it's gorgeous. My stupid bro n law goes to Home Depot foe everything and didn't check any prices. She came home one day from work and it was there. Than goodness she liked it or she would have been pissed.


Brooke said...

keep looking around. but carpet wouldnt be a bad idea either.

cannot wait for the finished projects......
bed, floors, desk.....