Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lights and Rugs…again

I was online looking for a few things we need and I stumbled across SHADES OF LIGHT. I fell in love…like real love. had everything you see below. The light below with the trellis print is stylish, but yet simple. I need that in a room badly. But If I bought this, I feel like I would need a solid rug, and I really love the rug below.

lig1 OMG..look at these beauties

lig2 lig3   In comes this old photo shopped photo as reminder that I love this rug dearly and wish I had it in my home. It comes in different colors, and that's the part that really confuses me. But the gray is at the top of the list as of now.  It’s sold out in most stores, but Shades of Light has it just not on sale or discounted.



Look at this lamp. Black and White. Perfect. I would change out the shade to something more modern. And look what they have the lamp standing on. Yep, my favorite rug print again, only in another color. Am I being tortured here?


Ikat, Ikat, multiple colors, and in a rug. HELP ME SOMEBODY!


These rugs are a honorable mention just because I love the pattern on them. That blue is a nice fresh color that is loveable.



Have you purchased anything from this store before?




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Kwana said...

Tough call. You really love the rug. I say go for what you love.

Melanie's Randomness said...

Those light fixtures in the beginning are awesome!! They look straight out of the 60's! I love it!

Mrs. Chic said...

I love staring at Shades of Light and trying to find the same item on the cheap, I love the durrie rug too - I'm going to put a smaller blue version in our kitchen.

Andrea said...

I love the rug with the tripos lamp. Gooorg!!

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

wow love the light shades....makes me want to DIY one of those!....maybe soon!

avant garde said...

i haven't even heard of them! thanks for the inspire :) i love the shades, they would look perfect in your house, and i'm kinda thinking they might be fun, even with the pattern on the rug, seriously. if one hung just high enough not to intefere, it could work. have fun!

Tamstyles said...

Avant you really think so? That's my worry...I don't want prints clashing....I need to go to lunch now...I miss that store I frequent...


Yep...I purchased the chain link floor lamp for my clients office...It's really high end...he loves it...came really quick too...

Meagan said...

hi - they have the same rugs here for about $50 cheaper and free shipping. i've also had my eye on the grey one.

Redbonegirl97 said...

I love that blue rug, it's beautiful.


Brooke said...

i like the hanging lamp in pic one.

like the blue rug..


mrs_leigh said...

Hey Tam, I'm a newbie to blogs and you are one of my favs fasho! I have been going back and reading all your past posts, so much GOOD STUFF! I just saved the link for light shade love the tripod and $95!! That is a steal, needs a new shade, but I love it!

You are such an inspiration! So clever, and fresh, you make me wanna enter into blogland!

Lady T