Friday, August 20, 2010

Baggin With Kelli



Meet Kelli of The Proxy Peach and see what she’s baggin.



What: Prada

Age: 2 years old

           Contents: Prada Sunglasses- Not only are they fab but they prevent me from premature wrinkles!

               Franco Sarto Wallet - Very necessary, I have  bad habit of allowing credit cards and business cards to roam loose in my purse only to lose them

          iPod- I love, love, love music and anytime I find myself waiting on a client to show up, I pop in my ear buds and jam for just a bit

           Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume: It smell great but it's the only fragrance I can stand to smell after hours of wear...and what lady doesn't like to smell sweet

Orbit Gum: Keeps the breath fresh...enough said

          MAC: My fav products are Cherish lipstick and Studio Fix Foundation...these 2 are my go-to's when I need to make a quick dash out the house

            Lubriderm Hand Lotion: Light, non greasy and keeps the crease between my thumb and index finger (my problem area) from looking crazy

   And last but not least. The little black case hold feminine hygiene products. Discreet, compact, and eliminates the need to carry the entire purse to the ladies room

        Why: I love this bag because it holds all my fav items despite it's small appearance and it's uber chic....I adore the ombre color pattern.






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Charmaine said...

Love it!! It's always interesting to see what other ladies are carrying and the purse is cute.

Plus, found another blog to stalk!

Tamstyles said...

thanks for reading her bag!

Montanna Mitchem said...

hey girl.. its been a minute.. like this post, was over thinking if i wanna let ya'll all up in my biz too.. dont be surprised if you get an email from me!

xoxo... Montanna

Kwana said...

That was fun. Thanks for sharing Kelli.

Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

yay my girl kells! love the bag and your goodies. you're always very well dressed and well "bagged." Thanks for allowing us to be nosy!

Dee O. said...

that bag is beautiful!!!! i <3 prada :)

feel free to check out my blog:

Kelli Flournoy said...

Thanks ladies...I too love the idea of peeping into others bags so submit, submit, to my girl Tamstyles!!!!!

Dhalia said...

This is a very cute bag.