Monday, February 28, 2011

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Michael Stars Asymmetry Clutch in Camo found, via here.

I spotted this and felt my heart racing. To me it makes a statement without being over done. It would look so good with jeans, and heels. Or even a maxi dress, and espadrilles. I haven't ordered her yet, but she may be coming home to Mama soon. Michael Stars did a great job on this one.


High Fives & Hugs,

Tamara Styles


Karena said...

Tam I adore this bag, so perfect!!

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Art by Karena

Brown Birdy said...

Oh WOW! I LOVE this bag too! Esp the size-I had to hop the link to make sure it wasn't some tiny thing...I think I'll have to splurge for this little beauty!

LA Girl Secrets said...

We at LA Girl Secrets love this bag! As you said it could go with jeans or even a maxi dress! Check us someof our tips at and make sure to follow us!

Brooke's Closet said...

Yeppers this clutch has Gr8 potential.
boy shorts, boots, tube socks, wife beater, boyfriend shirt and just a look of style.

or you can dress it up with a maxi dress...
likes it...

Dhalia Rodriguez said...

I agree Tam...this clutch is nice.


Tia Brumbelow said...

I want that bag!!

TamStyles said...

glad i am not alone on this bag..its fab and on my mind.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I can't decided if I want this one or the leather oversized clutch at AMerican Apparel.

(like I have the money for either!)