Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Way

I am not sure how many of you feel about shopping at F21, but if you go in with an agenda, things can turn out pretty good. Below I composed a list of GETS, and WAITS. The list reflects what I would do, and what I do.






I am a picky shopper. Yes I am. So here are some things on the “GETS” list if I were at F21.

  • Leggings are usually $4.50 which is cheaper than Tarjay. There is no need to spend over $5.00 on leggings unless your looking for a riding pant.
  • I love their harem pants, so I am big on trendy pants from this store. Usually they are under $20.00 and do the trick every time. Trends come and go, so why spend high dollar on them unless you love them that much.
  • Tees are a no brainer. $3.50 is a steal, and you can get any neckline or color that you want for each and everyday. They have really cute tops as well, and I am very open to any top that fits if I like it.
  • I think they make cute trendy dresses. You have to shop for the better made dresses though. Nothing to thin, or with to much detail like printed belts. I purchased a dress that I love that I hope to share later.
  • I love their earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Again it’s just a matter of choosing the right pieces, but the prices are great.


These are things that I would “WAIT” on if I were shopping in F21 on any given day. These items are what I WOULD DO, and reflect my opinion.

  • Good jeans will last you for years, and they will look better on your body when they are well made. You want to look good coming, and going in your jeans.
  • I like my suits to look tailored, and well fitted if possible. In my opinion its hard to get a tailored look when you are shopping for XS, S, M, and L. There is nothing better than seeing a woman with a great looking suit/dress on that fits her like a glove.
  • I am particular about my coats, and jackets. I look for style, and quality. Your coat should say “I am a grown woman”
  • There is nothing worse than looking at a mans shoes, and they scream no quality. I am careful about my shoes because I want them to last, and look good. You can look at the sole, or heel of a shoe and know that it lacks quality. The only shoe I would think about purchasing would be a ballet flat because there is not a lot to it.



Do you have rules when it comes to how you shop at certain stores?


High Fives & Hugs,

Tamara Styles


Anna @ D16 said...

I don't buy a lot of clothes (or a lot of anything, really), but I'm moving toward trying my hardest to follow something close to Erin's (DFM) "$100 rule".

Basically, she tries to look at the clothes she wants objectively and ask herself if she would still want the item if it cost $100. If the answer is no, she puts it back.

That doesn't mean that she spends $100 on everything she buys, she just uses that number as a gauge to keep her impulse buying of cheaply-manufactured goods to a minimum.

I tend to be more of a researcher, myself, and if I need, say, a pair of leggings, I'll spend a week reading reviews, looking into material content and the durability of the leggings over time, and then make my purchase. Sure, that means that I only own ONE pair of leggings (they cost $85!), but I know they'll last for years and through many washings. For me, that one pair feels like a better choice than having 10 pairs of cheap leggings.

You'd be shocked by my closet, though, Tam! I only use a few hangers, because I really only have 3-4 different outfits. I just wear the same things over and over again! I know that's not for everyone, but for me, it's definitely quality over quantity.

I would like to expand my wardrobe a bit, though (mainly because I ALWAYS look so casual--I don't own a single dress or skirt! I don't even own a pair of pants that are non-denim!), and I'll be putting Erin's $100 rule into effect when I start shopping.

Shanika@LifeisPichey said...

It depends on what I'm looking for. Lately I have been shopping with a plan in mind instead if mindless shopping which I've done in the past. For example, the latest thing I looked for was black over the knee boots. Before I get too excited about a pair I find, I look at the material and if it was made with leather or any animal products, I don't buy it. Which makes things harder for me because I will find a cute shoe for a reasonable price but the heel will be made and look so cheap (you know the shoes that have that awful faux wood look).

I haven't bought jeans in YEARS because I love the ones I have and how they now contour to my body.
If I go somewhere like F21, I will only check out the tops and maybe some dresses. The shirts are priced well for their quality (I swear, sometimes the tag of a shirt or blouse of worth more than the item itself!!). I won't buy coats or jackets from there unless they are way marked down!

Most of my coats have come from Old Navy. I feel their outerwear is made with better quality.

Purses, I look for brands such as Nine West, Tommy, etc. Also, I also check the material as I don't do leather purses(no Coach purses for me!).

TamStyles said...

@Anna I never heard of that rule. I will check it out though. See I guess I would rather pay $4.50 for leggings, and replace them within a year rather than spend $100.00 on them because I could spend the other $95.00 on some other things. But see my thinking is more like that when it comes to bags, shoes, suits, jeans...I dont mind spending 100.00 on jeans if they will last me, and they fit me great. But basics like leggins, tees, trendy items...I dont. I wont even spend $20 on a tee at the gap on sale.

Lynett said...

I totally agree with you. I buy the trendy things at F21 since I know I won't use them forever. I always invest in shoes and staple pieces. Nothing worse for me that cheap looking shoes!

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

LOVE that colorful skirt! Problem with F21 is you can hardly ever find something specific...you just have to hope for a good day when you're in there!

I agree with your list of F21 buys.

Diamonds Pearls and Crazy in the world of Barbie Jones said...

I actually LOVE F21! ive never ourchased jeans from them because of my height and the heels don't help lol but tees, leggings, skirt... yep that's my go to place! The clothes are super afforable and are great to mix and match with pricier items in my closet... When it comes to cloths Ive really never been big on splurging neway... I mean what's the point.. half the stuff in my closet will be out of style and on the what not to wear list once the seasons over so why would I spend an unreasonable amount of money on it? You can shop cheap without looking cheap and that's the secret to being a fashionista :) I do believe that you should spenf a little bit more change on ur jeans though...a quality pair of jeans can last you a life time and in my personal opinion they fit and look so much better on 5 years after you've bought them :)

layersofmeaning said...

LOVE the skirt! You look great in that outfit Tam!

Down and Out Chic said...

i'm with you on this. i'm all about super affordable options for trendier pieces and splurging is saved for the classics (boots, nice everyday bags, suits, trench coats, etc.)

miss chung said...

where'd you get the cami pants?

TamStyles said...

@miss chung...gap

Joi said...

That skirt is so, so, SO cute!

Elisa @ What the Vita said...

I think you hit it on the head with your gets list. These are the things that I buy at f21 as well, but I also love their cardigans (I wear them all the time at work and they're cheap at f21 and come in different styles) and dressy/fun tops.

There's a mall in my city that serves to a more upscale crowd, so their f21 store is often quiet.. as compared to the more suburban mall (packed with teenagers, ugh)... so I usually go to the upscale mall to do my f21 shopping.

Charee Lenee' said...

First of all, that skirt is AMAZING!! I love the brightness and Spring/Summer look of it and of course the pockets!! AND, what a great list!!! Def gonna use some of your ideas. :)

venturelane said...

I so need to visit F21! I went by there last week, but ran out of time before I went in. And I am trying to keep a super short leash on my money till I get a job. But I can't wait to get in there : D Everything looks so fun and awesome, and I love how you can pull so many different styles from their selection : D

Angela said...

I have to have good shoes, coats, and bags and clothes to be honest. I have bought a few casual things from Target lately, like leggings and knits but I really haven't done tons of shopping for myself because:
1) I'm enjoying shopping for baby more than mysef

2)I don't have anywhere to put anything new

I love your post though and maybe I'll stop in Forever 21, even though I'm 43. lol! Funny you mentioned the bright skirt. I was thinking I haven't bought anything bright like that in years before I read your post. I love it!

Sing said...

I love that skirt, gorg colors. And I basically agree with your buy and wait lists. Things that will get more wear and tear like coats, jeans handbags and shoes I believe in investing in.

Sharstin said...

i love your blog! and that skirt is fab! great post chick~

Cancerian Adventures and Other What Nots said...

That skirt looks GREAT on you! I may just have to check out F21 in the near future. Awesome tips and great post!

Meant2B said...

lovin the skirt...all of my fav colors!

i have a 3 year old so my shopping patterns have changed drastically!!! as far as shopping my items need to be able to go to work and go to play. my other rule is i have to wear it with in 2 weeks. if not it goes back cuz that shows it doesnt fit into my real life. NOW this isnt a 100% rule....if there's a super duper deal i might cheat but it usually works.

currently im looking for floral blousy tops, militiary inspired things, signature accessories & statement shoes. these things really give my wardrobe more longjevity...thx 4 another great post

McKenzie said...

I'm all about Forever 21!

Girlsunnee said...

This post is right on time for me. I ripped my black pair of leggings recently and am in need of another pair [or two]. I'm also in need of t'shirts.

Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

Thanks for talking us into the fitting room with you! Love when you do that. Everything looks great on your especially your new skirt! Flirty and read for spring!