Monday, February 14, 2011


Since I first started blogging, I read SOUL PRETTY. I posted on here months back about her beautiful creations, and even the tanks I purchased from her shop. Over the years she has posted about the strength of her beautiful daughter, and the battle that she has faced with Sickle Cell. God is good as we know, and she has been CURED OF SICKLE CELL ANEMIA. We read blogs everyday, not knowing really what the author is going through day to day, but only an insight through various posts. I am so encouraged, and so very full with happiness as a mother to know they will all sleep better now. I could never imagine what they have endured, but I pray for continued blessings to all that are fighting the good fight.


Hunter Haymore with her mother Donna Haymore and father Eric Berry (Photo/Carol D'Auria)

Her daughters blog.


So Happy,



gigiofca said...

I believe in miracles! Thanks for sharing one :-)

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

I celebrate the healing!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Mrs. Chic said...

Truly a blessing and Mini is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This is heartwarming news! Tam, thanks for sharing! ;)

Brooke's Closet said...

Celebrating life!

Thanks for this post. It should let your readers know that you are not just about self!


Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

Amen! Thanks for sharing the good news about God's goodness. She is such a courageous and beautiful girl. I also think its wonderful that she has blog that will surely encourage others (with and without) the disease!