Thursday, July 7, 2011


Bunk beds are not what they use to be. You can now find functional bunks that actually work for the children in your home, while providing more options without taking up major space. Although the Brady boys had it good, kids these days have it so much better.

A Traditional look with storage at the base of the beds.


This bed by far has to be one of the more functional beds that I have seen. A closet, drawers, desk, ladder…All in one unit. Just image what could be done with the rest of the room.


How cute is this. A great place to sleep, but it also has a wonderful area for games or homework.


As you can see here. Willis and Arnolds beds took up a lot of space. The old days indeed.



The options are endless, and so are the looks. Another beautiful option with storage.


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Klaudia said...

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Jazz @ said...

WOW! Bunkbeds have come a long way, huh? My Twin and I had bunkbeds but they were no where near as cool as these. I especially love the one with the little table underneath, Now that's cool! Lucky Kids... ;0)