Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a styles WEEKEND

Aunt Stelle’s is a Sno Cone spot that I grew up on. My Mom would take me a few times each Summer. There is no other Sno Cone that can beat what they have. You can count on long lines and mosquito bites, but its all worth it for that first bite of cold heaven. My Husband and I went often when we dated, and of course our kids followed. Its now a family tradition. My favorite is PINK LADY.












I love Z Gallerie. Walking in the store felt like home to me. I didn’t want to talk…just look. I spotted so many things that I wanted, and took mental photos to share. The Albert Einstein art piece is absolutely beautiful in my eyes. I would love to hang it in my home. There are also a few other things that caught Tam’s eye.










My hubby left his glasses at West Elm last week, so I stopped by to pick them up. Believe it or not, no one in the house wanted to go with me. I wonder why? They probably thought I would take to long…MY METHOD FINALLY WORKED. Their sofa, chair, and new window panels caught my eye. After that…I spotted Urban Outfitters having a sale. Why not run across the street to see what goodies they have.










After shopping alone, I took a detour to the neighborhood that I grew up in. I decided to stop by, and take a photo of the little house I called home for 18 years. I like to ride by every so often just to see what it looks like, and image my life then. I noticed they removed all the bushes, and trees. Closed off my bedroom window…the list goes on. I think that will be my final ride by. I also stopped by the park that I played at with my uncle as a child, and then with my boyfriend as a teen.




***Funny note*** My husband (then boyfriend) had just purchased his first car, and came to pick me up for our first date. As soon as we pulled off, and headed down the hill. His brakes gave out, and we were a few feet away from driving into the creek. We were saved by the good old emergency brake. Talk about a date to remember. I screamed something loud that day.



I over slept on the 4th. GOOD SLEEP. As the day progressed my daughter begged for a driving lesson, so why not. Hubby had been cooking, and grilling for a while, so we sat outside for a while and chatted it up. Indulged in some Blue Bell Ice Cream…and finally the Que. My man can grill. Thanks Babe! The men of the house finally realized they needed to make a Game Stop run. So we made a quick drive there and back. After that….my Husband took us riding in his truck which is always fun. As we waited for dark to hit…I took an hour and a half to compose yesterdays blog post (yep…a long time for a post). We took off to watch the fire works…returned to eat again, play games, nap, and relax. What a great day, and overall weekend with my FAMILY.








High Fives & Hugs,
Tamara Styles


images by: tamara styles


Chyanne M. said...

You had a good weekend. Family time, shopping, and going down memory lane. That's a nice relaxing weekend right there.

Mrs. Chic said...

Love weekend spent with family and keeping traditions & throwing in some shopping. I'm loving the wish bone!

Sing said...

Sounds like a lovely wonderful time of reflection, family and fun! Something is so peaceful about this post and I suspect you are feeling that very emotion.

Expressions said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! I live in the Dallas area too where can I find Aunt Stelle's snow cones?


Kiki Rocks Kinks said...

You guys are such a beautiful family! Glad to hear you had such an awesome weekend with the fam, great pics and thanks for sharing.

"Rockin’ it Napptural"!

My said...

Now you got me wanting Sno Cones.

My @ tha

fshnonmymind said...

Sounds like a perfect kind of weekend.

And you have to tell me why the pink lady is extra!!??

Holly said...

great post, love weekends like this! and i have to know, why is the pink lady 25 cents extra?! i want one!!!

SAT said...

Looks like the perfect weekend!

Anonymous said...

I loved the recap and the pics... O M G, I NEED a snowcone and that ice cream right now. ;)

Whitney said...

I use to drive by my childhood home in MS every time we went home. Even though our new house was larger and nicer, you just can let go of all the fond memories of a time when life was much simpler...and I'm not even going to comment on the snow cones, LOL!

I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

Lots of questions to ask!
WHY "The Pink Lady" & Why does SHE cost more? Is it anything like Rita's?
When you visited the house and made it your last visit, how did you feel! (with a smile on your face)
Time with Family is AlwAys good!
Continued Blessings TamS

Jazz @ said...

Don't ya just love family traditions?!

Clearly the Pink Lady is a popular choice $0.25 extra?! What exactly does it taste like? wish I lived close enough to go try it. ;0)

BTW, Love that white shirt with the black hearts on it. It's too cute and something I would totally wear.

Joi said...

I love a good sno cone, too!

Tia Brumbelow said...

What a Great Weekend!! Glad you had a great time with the fam and some shopping "alone" time LOL :)

The Helpmeet said...

This post was filled with all things I love about Dallas! I live in the Kessler Park area very near Aunt Stelle's - the sour apple is my fave! I have had the Pink Lady too, and it is good! I love Mockingbird Station as well! Your old house looks like it is in Oak Cliff and the park looks like Kiest Park. Am I right? I love Oak Cliff!

The Helpmeet said...

And I forgot about Blue Bell - a Texas treat the rest of the country is missing out on!