Thursday, September 22, 2011

pure genius

One of my favorite artists of all times is David Garibaldi. Every now and then I fall for art, and this Einstein piece is one of them. When I walked in Z Gallerie it stopped me at the door. I literally stood there in front of it just looking in amazement. The colors in person are bold, but yet subtle. The dominant color is blue. Just to recap you on who he is…


Remember this piece? Yes…its in my office. I watched this piece for nearly 6 months, and finally it hit with a  clearance tag of $15.

But back to what I want for this house. A closer more detailed look. You can see the pinks, mustards, grays, and oranges.,




Well thought out, and done great. The chalkboard affect just makes it even more powerful. A great nod to ALBERT EINSTEIN indeed.

High Fives & Hugs,



LocalCeleb said...

Those pieces are FANTASTIC! I hope you can land your Einstein.

gigiofca said...

just saying hi. hope you're well : )