Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar fashion 2012

I was able to watch the Oscars last night from beginning to end. Very unusual for me. I watched the red carpet show, and was will rate the fashion on a scale of 1-10, a big ole

SEVEN. Overall I think the fashionistas did not all bring their best. But those that did, rocked it out from head to toe.


Congrats Octavia! You looked beautiful.

Gold was her lucky color. Congrats Meryl.

Edge with class. A+

Love her HAIR. Dress is a perfect match.

The hair, the dress, the arms. WELL DONE VIOLA. 

She rocked this dress. The red hair, and shining gold.

The hair color NO. The fit of the dress yes.

Beautiful. LOVED IT.


GET IT GIRL. The leg says it all.

Every girls, GIRL. Love this white done right.

I like her, so I cant help but like this dress. Seriously.

Jenni from the block is rocking this dress. FOR REAL.


I was just expecting more….

This dress had to much going on.

I love mint. But nope. Not on this dress.

I was expecting more from MS. NINA GARICA.

This look is aging to me. NOPE.

I love Sandra. But the fit was off to me.

Nope. Wrong dress for the occasion.

This dress was to boring for a funny Tina.

No Sherri. Not feeling this look at all girlfriend.

“Baggy” long sleeve sequin? NOOOOO. Sorry.


High Fives & Hugs,


images: people style/Getty images

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