Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moroccan morocco


Moroccan style is one that I have loved for some time now. The rich colors, the textures, the mixing of patterns. You can add either gold or sliver, and still end up with a look that’s all about the color. Of course color is not for everyone, but as seen below, a monochromatic look can still work in a Moroccan styled home when using all the right accessories.

moroccan poufs, pouffes, ottomans

Moroccan Pouffe Photo Shoot


This wallpaper from Urban Outfitters caught my eye in a major way.


You can still enjoy the richness of Morocco in your personal style with pops of colored accessories. Think the same d├ęcor rules, only muted down for fashion.


Are you a fan of the MOROCCAN STYLE?

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Lady A said...

I love Morrocan design. I am trying to incoperate a Morrocan feel inside my design scheme.