Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston

I was the only black kid in all of the 3rd grade classes in my Catholic School in 198(?). One day there was a talent show announcement, and a special teacher (Mrs. Guerra) who asked me about my favorite singer. It was Whitney Houston. When “THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL” hit the radio, I was in aww. I made my Granny buy me the album, and I stared at it for minutes and minutes at a time in our living room. I wondered who she was, where was she, what was she thinking, and thought how beautiful she was, all from an album cover. Soothing was her voice to me, and she became my first idol.  In my school, I was her, and won that talent show singing the above noted song. I can still see it. The stage, the dress, the shoes, the crowd…and hearing the music play.

Rest in peace finally Miss Whitney. We are jamming your music in our house right now, and thinking of all the great memories you have left us with.


…one final video that I must add. This song makes me cry every single time I hear it. They just played it and I cried. I wrote the lyrics down when I was dating my husband, and gave them to him. She sang about the man being all that she needed with such passion, and the words represented exactly how I felt about my man.

This is what music does for us. We all have a song.

My prayers are with her Daughter, Mother, and all of those that loved her.


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