Thursday, July 26, 2012


If you follow me on twitter, I tweeted some news the other day. We were in Houston last week doing a little shopping at the Galleria mall. While my husband ran out to get our parking ticket, I was glancing around at a nearby store which happened to be Gregory’s. I walked in with my camera on my hip, and a smile because I spotted some cool shoes from the outside. I wanted to share them with you guys on the blog, so I asked if I could take pictures of the shoes. I was told…


I was a little surprised because usually people are pretty nice. I told the associate that I was a blogger, and would be posting the photos on my blog. Out of the blue this other associate blurts out…


I said, are you being serious? He said yes. I asked why, and he advised because they cant control what we post.

Lets be honest. I can take a no. But don’t insult me to my face, and millions of people that have probably helped drive sales to your damn store since the evolution of that thing called blogging. Seriously, I felt insulted. I thought maybe the guy would apologize for the comment, or at least say something to pacify me. But he was as serious as a



Gregory’s, we bloggers will be waiting for that apology!

There is also a GREGORY’S here in Dallas at North Park Mall. I wonder if they feel the same?

High Fives & Hugs,


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