Tuesday, October 2, 2012


If ever you wanted to buy yourself some HAREM PANTS. Now is the time. These things usually come in spurts. Meaning…you will be able to find them  in 2012, but you wont for probably a year or two after that. I am a lover of “HAMMER” pants, and always will be. This look is really about indivual style, and not caring what others think. At any rate, ZARA (my new favorite store) has every pant  below on their website, and in stores. Now is the time…Those denim harem pants are calling my name, and they aren't even available yet.

Here I am in an older pair myself…I still love wearing these.


Are you getting yourself some?

High Fives & Hugs,



Mia said...

Nope! I'm still not able to let go of the MC Hammerness of it all. I've seen them look great on other people, love how yours look on you in the pic but for me? Can't.

"HauteMocha" said...

Not at all but you look nice in urs!!!